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Yogananda & Sri Yukteswar Discuss Need for Bangle in Autobiography of a Yogi

“Then, dear Master, why do you want me to wear an astrological bangle?” I ventured this question after a long silence, during which I had tried to assimilate Sri Yukteswar’s noble exposition. “It is only when a traveler has reached his goal that he is justified in discarding his maps. During the journey, he takes  …read more

Letter from Yogananda about the Bangle

From a letter written by Paramhansa Yogananda to his closest disciple, Rajarsi Janakananda: “According to astrological laws to do away with all bad influences of planets, there is nothing better than a bangle. Each two bodies of the universe attract. When this adhesive power of the bodily cells becomes lax with the advance of age,  …read more

Adverse Effects of Past Wrongs Minimized

“All human ills arise from some transgression of universal law. The scriptures point out that man must satisfy the laws of nature, while not discrediting the divine omnipotence. He should say: ‘Lord, I trust in Thee, and know Thou canst help me, but I too will do my best to undo any wrong I have  …read more

Wear the Bangle!

In the early pioneering days in the community, many hardy souls did forestry work; tree thinning, planting and woodcutting. On this particular day, the work involved thinning, a more dangerous task and so one fellow’s wife loaned him her bangle. He wore it for three or four days until it finally became a nuisance, slipping  …read more