Three Strand Silver with Copper Yoga Bangle

The Three Strand Silver and Copper Yoga Bangle offers the wearer the benefits of abundant cooling Silver protection for the mind, with Copper protection for the body in a ratio of two Silver strands with one Copper strand. This is constructed in the similar fashion as we construct the Three Metal Bangles.

I offer these less expensive versions of the Astrological Bangle for those who want the three metal version but can’t afford one at this time, and also for those who seek the healing, or mental and spiritual benefits of pure copper and silver in a heavy weight yoga style bangle.

The Silver and Copper Bangle weighs about 62g.
Wear it above the elbow or at the wrist.

Some of the answers in my FAQ for the Three Metal Astrological Bangle may be helpful for wearers of our alternate formula Yoga Bangles.