Three Metal Astrological Bangle Pricing

The Astrological Bangle made of three pure metals; 24k gold, silver, and copper.The first step toward buying the astrological bangle is to contact us for the current price. We do our best to keep our bangle prices as low as possible, given prevailing gold market prices. The bangle uses nearly 1.25 troy ounces of pure, 24k gold, plus the pure silver and pure copper. The metals must be weighed into specifically-sized strands, and worked correctly to maintain accuracy to Sri Yukteswar’s formula and to his “careful directions.”

Bangle prices fluctuate depending on the current market prices on gold, silver, and copper. Current gold prices have the largest effect on bangle prices. Our bangle prices are updated daily to reflect the price of gold on the day you place your order.

Because we are located in California we are only able to quote bangle prices (and process bangle orders) from 8:30 AM (when we open) until 1:30 PM Pacific Time (Mon – Fri), as the gold market closes at 2 PM Pacific Time (5 PM EST). However, we need a minimum of 30 minutes to process your order and order the gold for your bangle before the market closes.

If your order comes in after 1:30 PM, we will need to requote your bangle cost the following business day when the market reopens.

Please use the form below or call our order desk at 530-292-3506 for a quote.
You may also call the order desk to place your order. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Once the order is placed it takes about 3-4 weeks before your bangle is ready to ship.

If you are located outside the United States, please click here to read our information about international orders.

    Our preferred shipping method is U.S. Mail Registered Priority (which is fully insured and under lock-and-key until you sign for the package. It is generally the most economical method, and we charge $40. to ship a bangle by Registered Priority anywhere in the U.S. Please be sure to give us a daytime address for your delivery (example your office address if you will not be at home during the day), as Registered Mail requires an adult over the age of 18 to sign for the package when delivered.