Three Strand Copper Yoga Bangle

For those wishing to protect the body with abundant Copper, then perhaps owning a solid Copper Yoga Bangle is appropriate. The Copper Yoga Bangle offers the wearer the benefits of 100% Copper protection. This is constructed in a similar twisted fashion as we make the Three Metal Astrological Bangle.

For millennia people have used copper for physical and spiritual healing. The Three Metal Astrological Bangle recommended by Paramhansa Yogananda is made with the same copper used in our Three Strand Copper Yoga Bangle. Because the recipe used for the Three Metal Bangle includes copper it seems reasonable that copper has protective qualities of its own.

Countless people claim they receive relief from joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis when wearing copper.

The Three Strand Copper Yoga Bangle is made of the highest quality copper available. It weighs about 40g.
Wear it above the elbow or at the wrist.

Some of the answers in my FAQ for the Three Metal Astrological Bangle may be helpful for wearers of our alternate formula Yoga Bangles.